Hues & Coats Painting Co. Houston, TX | Interior Painting Service
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Impeccable, Illustrious, Immaculate

Interior Painting Service

Whether you’re seeking to add beauty or value, remodeling or updating your home, or simply seeking a fresh new look, we at Hues & Coats Painting Co. understand the importance of perfect interior painting.


Our professional painters will work diligently to make sure your interior painting is completed correctly.  Thanks to our specific Paint Preparation Process (PPP) we can ensure your paint will properly and evenly adhere to all surfaces.


As with everything we do, we pride ourselves in our thorough, fast, and exceptional painting services as well as our exemplary customer service.  Our goal is to provide you with an excellent interior painting experience!

Our Paint Preparation Process for Interiors (PPP)

Unbeknownst to most homeowners, preparation is 75% of the painting process.  Without proper interior preparation, your paint will appear uneven and be subject to cracking and peeling.


Our interior preparation adds years to the life of your paint job and prevents early paint failure.


At Hues & Coats Painting Co. we provide a comprehensive process that prevents future issues and ultimately prepares your surfaces for paint.

During our Interior Paint Preparation Process, we will:

paint warrantySet Up: Before beginning any prep work, we’ll lay down drop cloths and plastic sheeting to protect floors, furniture and any other objects.


Prepare: We’ll fill in cracks and holes, clean and seal stains, and sand off uneven surfaces to ensure paint properly adheres to any surface we’re painting.


Paint: Now we start painting using the high quality paint you’ve selected.


Clean: Once the paint is completely dry, we’ll remove all protective materials, and sweep or vacuum floors.


Inspect: Upon project completion, we will perform a walk through with you to ensure you’re fully satisfied.​