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Paint Warranty

Our professional painters take all the precautionary measures to make sure that the paint system we apply on your home is done so to ensure lasting appearance within the selected warranty period, if not longer.


This warranty protects homeowners against defective workmanship directly related to human error in the painting application. We will ensure that any workmanship defects discovered within the selected warranty period are remedied up to the price of the original paint estimate. We will stand accountable for the work we do, and promise to take responsibility if the paint fails reasonable expectations within the appropriate warranty period.


In the event of failure, we will meet with you to inspect the problem areas to investigate the reason why the paint is failing. If the problem is not obviously outside our control, we will fix it free of charge. Any paint failure that is caused by a more systemic or ongoing problem such as substrate failure, water intrusion, or soft/rotting wood, is outside the protection of this warranty.

Our estimators will be happy to discuss our

warranty options with you during your painting estimate.